Q. Is this software approved by Google?

A. Yes we applied and were approved by Google to provide API services for our members.

Q. How many clients can I use this software for?

A. Google allow up to 100 GMB listings in one Gmail account. This means you need to be a manager of your clients GMB account which is very easy to do.

Q. If I join today will there be any price increases for any future updates?

A. All and any future updates will not incur any price increase for our members. Once you have joined you are locked in for the life of this software at the price you paid.

Q. What are Google posts?

A. Google Posts is a feature that allows people and businesses to create content directly on Google which appears highly ranked in Google search results for their names.

Q. How long do Google posts last?

A. Note that Posts do expire after a week so you'll need to keep updating them. Google has confirmed that most Google Posts are removed seven days after they are first published.

Q. Do Google posts help SEO?

A. Google Posts are low-impact, low-effort tasks. They should be combined with other tasks to help improve Local SEO for a small business.

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